How can the Lactation Massager help me?

The LaVie Lactation Massager is a milk expression tool. It is designed to help optimize your milk flow while pumping or nursing. The benefits experienced by our mums have included relief from plugged ducts, preventing mastitis, relieving engorgement, improving milk output, emptying more effectively and faster, and improved letdown.

Results may vary since each person is a little different.

How do I turn it on and charge it?

To turn on, press and hold the centre circle button for at least 3 seconds. Make sure to remove the charge cable before turning it on, it will not turn on while plugged in. Also make sure the travel lock is set to off (see section below how to deactivate travel lock).

Charging takes approximately 30 minutes to fully charge from empty. You will notice the circle button LED ring pulsating on and off. When fully charged the LED ring will remain solid. You can expect the massager to last between 3-4 hours depending on the setting you use.

How do I use the massager to relieve clogged ducts?

The massager can help keep you clog free, they key is do be patient, catch the clogs early, and keep working them out if they are stubborn. For some, the clogs go away quickly and for others it requires a few days depending on the severity. The goal is to make sure the clog does not worsen and develop into mastitis. Always consult with your physician if your clog is not going away. 

To best relieve clogged ducts, first, apply heat to warm the breast for approximately 5-10 minutes. This will help soften the milk allowing it to flow better. You can use a warm compress or use the massager in a warm shower to help with stubborn clogs.  

If you feel very engorged or the plugged duct is large, you can use the wide bottom side of the massager to help soften the area and express milk. Set the vibration mode to your preferred setting and gently press the wide side of the massager on the breast. Move the massager from the hard or tender area toward the nipple for approximately 10 minutes.

Using the narrow tip, press into the hardened tender area of the breast, moving towards the nipple. It may feel very tender, so apply as much pressure as you feel comfortable. You can also use the bottom and side edges to scoop or slide on the breast.

In order to pass the clog, it is important to empty the breast often. If possible, breastfeed on the affected breast first, since your little one will feed more vigorously at the beginning of a feed. If your breast still feels firm after feeding, pump the affected breast until softened. Use the massager to help express the milk while nursing or pumping.

Cooling down the breast can help reduce inflammation and relieve pain. As an optional step, apply a cold compress for approximately 10 minutes.

Make sure to rest as much as possible so your body can heal itself. This process can be repeated every 2-3 hours until the clogged duct is fully resolved.

What are some tips for using it?

1. Heat is a great way to help get the milk flowing, whether you have slow letdown, or mastitis.

2. Place the massager in your nursing or pumping bra for 5-10 minutes before to help stimulate milk flow and letdown.

3. While pumping, use the narrow tip to press into the ducts to help increase the flow and help drain the breast faster.

Make sure to use your massager at least once a day to help maintain your flow even if you do not have any plugged ducts.

Can it help increase milk supply?

The lactation massager does not directly increase milk supply, however it can help contribute to increasing your supply. For most mums, milk is created on a supply demand model, if your baby needs more milk your body will produce more. The massager can help you empty the breast more effectively, thus triggering your body to think your baby needs more milk. If you are looking to increase your supply, you may need to increase your nursing or pumping routine as well.

How does the travel lock work?

The travel lock helps prevent the massager from accidentally turning on while travelling or while at work. To turn on the travel lock mode, press the up and down arrows simultaneously for 3 seconds. You will see the LED ring blink twice. To unlock, repeat the steps for holding the up and down arrows for 3 seconds.

Charging the massager also automatically disables the travel lock feature.

My massager is not working, what should I do?

If for some reason you are having issues with your massager, we are here to help! Please contact us immediately so we can help evaluate what is happening and if we discover the device is broken or defective we will help get you a replacement asap. You have more important things to deal with, so we will do our best to make the process easy.